DHA is an architecture agency that carries out diverse and innovative projects around the world. Diversity is what makes a project unique. We embrace diversity in every aspect of our projects: the themes we explore (health, housing, etc.), the size we work with (from 1,000 to 500,000 m2), the locations we cover (in Europe and on all continents), the style we adopt (from heritage renovation to cutting-edge modernity), and the clients we serve (public, private, large groups, etc.). This diversity allows us to offer a fresh perspective on each project, while leveraging our experience and skills that are tailored to each domain. DHA architecture is created by people for people. Our corporate culture is rooted in a deep respect for all the people and factors that are involved in the design and execution of a work, whose qualities are expressed by the simplicity of an original creation. To achieve this goal, DHA has grown over time with all the human richness that it has met through its projects. We build an enthusiastic, collaborative, and rigorous team, which enables us to attain the maturity that leads to authentic projects.  DHA is more than an architecture agency, it is a passionate team that creates living spaces adapted to the needs and desires of each one. If you want to discover our achievements or entrust us with your project, do not hesitate to contact us.