Corporate Social Responsibility, better known by the acronym CSR, is a concept in which companies integrate social, environmental, and economic concerns into their activities and interactions.

By adopting ethical and sustainable practices in its operations, DHA actively commits to improving society while preserving the environment.

In 2023, CSR training was provided to all company personnel, accompanied by the implementation of individual and collective actions, including:

  • Curtailing resource consumption ;
  • Embracing eco-friendly commuting options (bicycles, buses, trains…) ;
  • Minimizing waste generation and advocating for recycling ;
  • Drastically reducing paper usage ;
  • Optimizing energy consumption through lighting reduction, prudent management of computer systems, and transitioning to energy-efficient LED lighting ;
  • Proposing optimal office temperatures for both winter and summer seasons ;

DHA champions the utilization of bio-sourced materials such as wood and low-carbon concrete in its projects, aligning its practices with environmentally conscious approaches for constructing sustainable buildings. This ethos reflects collaborative efforts aimed at conceptualizing energy-positive structures.

Through adherence to ISO 26000 standards, forged from a collaboration spanning 99 countries over 5 years, we tackle the principal challenges in applying sustainable development within the company across diverse operational spheres.